FAQ Electric Vehicles: Electric Scooters & Electric Bikes ?

FAQ on Electric Scooters?

Increase in prices of fuel has made people think about an alternate cheap and sustainable mode of transportation.

Switching from petrol vehicle to battery-operated vehicle is what people are preferring but they certainly have questions about e-mobility in India. Here are a few frequently asked questions about BOV's (Battery Operated Vehicles) or Electric Scooters.


CMVR Rules: Is green colour number plate mandatory for EBike RTO registration in India?

As per CMVR 1989 Rule, EVs fitted with a motor rated not more than 250W would not be requiring any RTO registrations i.e low-speed version. Whereas motor capacity above 300W shall be liable for green coloured high-security number plate issued by local authority i.e high-speed scooter.


What are RTO rules for e-scooter driving licence?

Any battery-operated vehicle which has power less than 250W and speed limit not more than 25kmph such electric scooter are exempted from RTO and these electric scooters don't require a licence in India.


How much weight can an electric scooter carry?

In general, all EV's i.e e-scooters have a load capacity of 150kg, which is equal to the carrying capacity of any petrol vehicle.


How much electricity units does it take to charge an electric scooter and how to calculate it?

Amount of electricity consumed by an EV is dependent on voltage (V) and current (Ah) values. 

For instance, if the battery is rated as 48V 28Ah they 48VX28Ah=1344W as Power= Voltage x Current.

So it is taking about 1.34 KW. Depending on electricity tariff rates in your region i.e  Rs 6 for 1 Unit consumption. So the approx electricity consumption for the battery would be approx 1.34KW x 6 = Rs 8.04.

Hence Electric Scooters are highly economical as compared to their counterpart Petrol Vehicles. Electric Scooters are said to run at 10 paise/km while a petrol vehicle requires equivalent of Rs 1.5 - Rs 2 per KM.


What is the battery life of electric scooters in India?

In India, we have a present temperature of around 30-40 degree C thus VRLA battery with 300-350 life cycle lasts around 1-2 years whereas lithium-ion with 1500 lifecycle last around 3 - 4 years.


What is the Battery warranty for Electric Scooters?

Each electric Scooter company comes with different battery warranties. Currently, Benling company’s Electric Scooter comes with maximum battery warranty, i.e, 3 year of Lithium-Ion batteries and 1 year for VRLA batteries respectively.


How much does it cost for replacing the battery in an e-scooter?

Batteries are the soul of EV's, and the prices are reducing sharply with every day which passes by. 

For VRLA type batteries of 12v 28Ah, the approx price per battery is Rs 2,800 - Rs 4,200.

For a Lithium battery, the average price for a 48v 28Ah is around Rs 22,000 to Rs 26,000.

The cost of lithium-ion batteries is forecasted to reduce by upto Rs 10,000 in next 2 years hence making Electric Scooters the primary choice of mode of transportation.


Can Electric Scooters be charged at home?

Yes, charging an electric powered scooter is as easy as charging your cell phones. It can be charged by a regular 6 Amp socket with ease.


Can an Electric Scooter go uphill?

Yes, a battery-operated vehicle can easily go uphill, the only difference that makes is you need to get a more powerful battery for travelling long ranges as going uphill will consume more battery that would reduce average travelling distance of per charge of your e-scooter. Along with the battery the Peak Power motor of the Electric Vehicle provides you required torque to go uphill. For example, this electric scooter has a peak power motor of 1000 Watts. Hence this Falcon Electric Scooter can go uphill even on 150kg of load.


What is the Regenerative braking system in Electric Scooters?

When we apply brakes to a moving vehicle the kinetic energy of the vehicle is turned to heat by brakes pads. This energy can be saved to give some extra miles while you ride and EV.

In a regenerative braking system, the kinetic energy is converted into electric energy by a hub motor which acts as a regenerative motor i.e generator while you apply brakes and is fed back to the battery pack. This also reduces the wear and tear of the brake pads. 

This helps in energy conservation as well as it improves braking performance. Only a few electric scooters come with the Regenerative Braking System.


What is the Smart Assistance Breakdown System that I hear about in Benling Company Electric Scooters?

Smart Assistance breakdown system is a highly advanced technology that is available only in Benling Company Electric Scooter. This system enables the vehicle to continue to operate and run even if there is any minor fault in either Motor, Controller or Accelerator.


How can I get my Electric Scooter insured?

If your vehicle is a NON-RTO then it is not compulsory to get it insured but in case if you want to you can get your electric scooter insured by any insurance provider.


Is it safe to ride an Electric Scooter in the rainy season?

Yes, it is safe to ride it in the rainy season as it operates on DC voltages of 48V-72V. So you need not worry about the shocks that occur with AC supplies. Whereas, the motors used within are IP65 rated i.e waterproof which protects it with water outside.  


Where can I buy an Electric scooter online in India?

There are many platforms where you can buy electric vehicles online. Such as Droom, Harbacore etc and many more. 

These platforms serve you with a number of BOV manufactures selling their product online.


Is it necessary to wear a helmet for a NON-RTO electric scooter?

Your safety is in your hands, it is always recommended to wear a helmet while riding a vehicle. 


What are some Benefits of Buying an Electric Scooter?

  • They are highly economical. Within 1.5 years you can actually save the money equivalent to the amount of electric scooter to the amount you will spend on petrol fuel.
  • Electric Scooter are extremely low maintenance scooters. Hence running cost reduces further.
  • You will undoubtedly help save the environment as there is air or noise pollution made by Electric Scooters. Hence contributing to #Swachha Bharat Abhiyan


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Authored By: Yash