Benling Kriti Electric Scooter : Price 2024, Specification , Mileage, Images, Review & FAQ

Benling Kriti Electric Scooter Overview

Benling Kriti Electric Scooter is one of the most loved and uniquely designed e-scooty. Classic look, cool tail lights get you attention and affection. Taking more about it let’s look at some of the technical facts, user reviews and prices in 2024 for one of the loved electric scooter in India Benling Kriti.


RTO Rules: Does Kriti Electric Scooter require RTO registration?

No, BENLG Kriti DOES NOT require any RTO registration. However, the manufacture provides a CARD assuring that the two-wheeler is exempted from licence and other RTO formalities.


CMVR Rule: Does it require a driving license to drive a Kriti scooter?

No, it does not require any driving license to drive a KRITI e-scooter. As mentioned in the CMVR rule any e-scooter, e-bike which has a speed of less than 25kmph is exempted from RTO registration and driving license.


What is the mileage of the Kriti Electric Scooter?

Benling India Kriti claims scooter mileage of 60-65km per charge. This is one of the best electric scooters in India at low prices.


What is the charging cost of the Kriti Electric Scooter?

Escooter consumes 1.10 Units of electricity for a single charge. So it costs just Rs. 10 to charge benling Kriti.


What is Benling India Kriti battery price and warranty for VRLA (Lead Acid) 48V/28AH Ipower or Amptek?

BENLG Kriti e-scooter comes with a set of 4 Ipower or Amptek batteries fitted with a total voltage of 48V.

Ipower or Amptek VRLA (Lead Acid ) battery specifications

Voltage: 12V

Capacity: 12 V 28 Ah

Warranty: 1 Year

The cost of a single 12V 28Ah Ipower or Amptek battery is Rs 3,000 to Rs 3,500. A total set of 4 batteries will cost Rs 12,000 to Rs 15,000.


What is BENLG KRITI Li (Lithium) battery price and warranty for Ipower or Amptek 48V 24Ah?

Lithium battery price Ipower or Amptek 48V 24Ah battery pack is Rs 23000 and it comes with a warranty of 3 Years or 1200 cycles. This price is expected to reduce drastically in the coming years.


What are the key specifications and salient features of BNLNG KRITI?

BNLNG KRITI is a battery-operated low-speed electricity-based scooty for adults, youngster, and children that is loaded with many special features in both VRLA and Lithium-Ion battery varients

  • EABS (Electronic Assistance Braking System) with regenerative braking
  • Smart Assistance Breakdown System
  • Keyless entry
  • Central Locking With Anti-Theft Alarm, wheel Auto-Lock
  • Mobile charging USB Port
  • Cabinet Light.
  • Larger Storage
  • Easily accessible, Detachable and Removable Lithium ION battery.
  • Electric Scooter Reverse Feature
  • Stylish DRL LED Lighting and Led Headlamps
  • Bright LED winkers.
  • Best-in-segment leg space


Performance & Technical Specifications

Engine and Transmission

Drive Type

Hub Motor

Motor Type

Brushless Motor

Motor Power

250 W


60-65 km/charge

Battery Charging Time

4 hours


Push Button Start




Dimensions and Capacity

Ground Clearance

160 mm

Kerb Weight

66 kg

Load Capacity

150 kg


Chassis and Suspension

Body Type

Electric Bikes

Front Suspension


Rear Suspension

Robust Rear Spring


Tyres and Brakes 

Tyre Size

Front Tyre: 90/90-10

Rear: 3.00-10

Tyre Type


Wheel Size

Front: 254 mm

Rear:  254 mm

Wheels Type


Front Brake


Rear Brake


Radial Tyre



Electricals System

Headlight Type


Tail Light


Turn Signal Lamps


Battery Type

Lithium-ion / VRLA

Battery Capacity

48 V, 24 Ah


Know More about Kriti specifications here


What is the top speed of the Benling Kriti Electric Scooter?

Benling Kriti has a top speed of 25 kmph.


What is the cost of owning of  BENLG Kriti Electric Scooter on road in India?

Benling electric scooter price in India (Cost of ownership) for VRLA Battery variant is Rs 55000 whereas for Lithium Battery variant is Rs 66000. This is the on-road price of a scooter. 


BENLG KRITI’s catchy theme colour variants available in India?

Benling Kriti is available in 3 different colour variants - Black, White and Red

Red Benling Kriti      Black Benling Kriti


White Benling Kriti


What all accessories come with the Kriti e-scooter?

You can buy accessories such as foot maat, footrest, Bumper guard, side guard and a front guard at some extra price from the nearest benling electric scooter dealership.  


How much time does it take to charge benling Kriti with a VRLA  48V28Ah battery pack?

Charging time for VRLA 48V 28Ah battery of Kriti scooter takes 6-8 hours.


How much time does it take to charge benling Kriti lithium (Li) 48V24Ah battery?

Charging time for Lithium ion battery 48V 24Ah battery of Kriti e-scooter is 3-4 hours.


What are true customer reviews and star ratings for benling Kriti a low speed variant?

Rohit - Classic look is what I am a fan of. A soundless high-performance scooter that all about KRITI

Farhad - Can't resist driving it actually. It has high pickup than other variants of electric scooters in the market 

Raunak - It's awesome to have this EV at my home.

You can also read other customer reviews of the scooter on google.


What are the other best electric two-wheelers in India?

Aura Electric Scooter by Benling India is a high-speed electric scooter with a scooter mileage of 120+* km in Eco mode. It is powered by a 2500W powerful BLDC motor that can easily attain speed up to 65kmph.

This scooter beats all other e-scooters in the market like TVS I-cube or Bajaj Electric Scooter and has been ranked 4th best electric scooter in India. BENLG AURA Electric Scooter is a new scooter in India that has been talked about highly and has been classified as one of the best scooters in the market.


Where can I find an electric scooter showroom/e-bike showroom in India?

You can find the electric scooter showrooms and dealers on the company website itself. Or you can also search on google  “battery bike showroom near me” or “e bike showroom near me”. You can find an electric scooter showroom in kanpur here.


Can I purchase from Harbacore online? 

Yes, you can book/purchase from Harbacore Online easily. All you have to do is fill the contact form and our team will get in touch with you within minutes. All the processes and transactions can be done online. Harbacore will deliver the vehicle to your doorstep. 


You can find all other related details related to Harbacore on Google and read the customer reviews for better insights.


Author: Shubham ( Electric Scooter Specialist)