7 Ways To Boost Battery Performance Of Electric Vehicle

If you are using electric scooter then you definitely want to increase up your scooter performance by maximising electric scooter battery life. Increased battery life surely make you save money as well adds life to the other vital parts such as controller, dc to dc converter (buck converter)  of your electric scooter. Keeping a close check on the following points can make a wide difference.


How To Increase Battery Life Of Electric Scooter?

This is the most common question I am usually asked by costumers. It is necessary for all BOV users to keep a certain necessary check in mind while using their vehicles as it will shed some unaccounted load from your battery and will give you an extra mile of travel as well as surely give extended life to your battery pack. Let's see how to do so.


  • Keep Your Vehicle Charged When Kept Ideal 

    Sometimes the user does not use their vehicle (being in ideal mode) due to some reason and makes it unattended for days which may make your battery vulnerable to damage like a swollen battery pack. During this time it is recommended to charge the vehicle at first and then put down MCB to off mode. This is recommended, as there is a constant flow of current in various parts of your vehicle such as controller, dc to dc converter, antitheft alarm system as well as some losses occur due to leakage of current within internal wiring and battery internal resistance.


  • Do Not Overload 

    Every scooter manufacture makes a load test and recommends maximum load that electric scooter can carry. However, it may vary along with the models, generally an electric scooters a maximum carrying capacity ranging from 100 kg to 200 kg. Most companies rate it with 150 kg which is slightly lower than what they test to maintain an adequate margin of tolerance even if the electric scooter is loaded with more load. 


  • Avoid Sudden Acceleration  

    While using an electric vehicle you need to keep it in mind that you are not riding a petrol vehicle, making sudden acceleration put's pressure on battery which is also an important point to remember and need to be taken care of. 


  • Maintain Proper Pressure In Tires

    As electric vehicle have low moving parts within which tends to have low friction caused by engines thus maintaining adequate pressure in tires reduced the current/energy demanded by motor from the battery which certainly gives you some extra range to hookup. 


  • Charge As Per Use

    On an average a battery operated scooter gives you a range of 50 km per charge or so, people covering short range on a daily basis such as 10-20 km should charge their vehicle once in two days. As lead acid battery provides of approx 400-500 cycle of charge and discharge by its lifetime this would certainly add up to there battery life.


  • Use Proper Charger 

    Remember every battery differs from other in terms of specifications, so as the chargers. Every charger has different voltage and current specification as per battery specification you are using in your scooter. Change in the specification of the charger may cause damage to the battery. 


  • Proper Checkup Of Battery 

    Lithium ion battery used in electric vehicles has pre-fitted BMS(battery management system) which regularly check the health of every cell whereas in VRLA type battery it battery rotation is mandatory. It is performed to monitor any charge irregularities or voltage difference that occur during charging and discharging of the battery.


The battery is an essential part of an electric scooter. Ensuring proper maintenance of batteries provide the best results. However, many other factors are also responsible such as temperature etc which may affect battery performance time to time.

Author: Shubham Gupta