Amptek 12V 28Ah Lead Acid/VRLA Ebike battery (1 pc)

₹ 5000.0  

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  • Highest selling Electric scooter battery
  • Excellent Performance - Customer Feedback
  • Has Resale Value
  • Works with All electric scooters
  • Product Description

    Buy Amptek 12V 28Ah/24Ah Electric bike battery available at lowest cost in India. Best battery for your electric bike. Works well with any 48V, 60V electric Scooter, shipped across India Product: 1pcs of Amptek battery 12V28Ah or 12V24Ah


    Battery Type Lead Acid / Dry Cell / Gel Battery (Maintenance Free)
    Battery Current(In Ah) 28
    Expected Life of Battery 2.5
    Battery Voltage(In Volts) 12
    Battery Warranty
    Battery Power in WH 336
    Supported Electric Scooters/Bikes Benling Falcon, Benling Kriti, Hero electric electric scooters like Optima Plus, Zion, Cruz, maxi, Flash, Hero electric Nyx, Avon Electric scooters scoot 207, E Mate, Oreva electric scooters, Tunwal electric scooters, Battre electric scooters and all other 48V and 60V ebikes
    Important Notes First 6 Months Replacement if Any issue + Next 6 months Battery Bulge Warranty
    Weight (in Kg) 6

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