Amptek 12V 28Ah Lead Acid/VRLA Ebike SMF battery (1 pc)

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Product Highlights
  • Highest selling Electric scooter battery
  • Excellent Performance & Efficiency of SMF battery - Customer Feedback
  • Has Resale Value
  • Works with All electric scooters
  • Product Description

    Amptek 12V 28Ah SMF Lead acid battery is best suited for electric bikes and scooters. This SMF battery is a sealed rechargeable battery with gel based solution. It does not require any maintenance and generally has 200 to 250 charging cycles. Amptek lead acid battery has depth of discharge of 85% with 95% efficiency. The lifespan of Amptek battery is generally between 1.3 years to 2.5 years depending on battery usage and charging rotations. This SMF Battery has dimensions of L*W*H (181*77*170)mm.
    12V 28AH SMF battery by amptek starts is available at best price of Rs 3800.0. Amptek 12V 28Ah SMF Lead acid battery is compatible with all 48V, 60V, 72V electric scooters in India. The top e bike brands using/compatible with 12V 28AH lead acid battery are - Hero Electric, Benling, Okinawa, Komaki, Joy electric, Pure EV etc.

    Detailed Highlights
    • Does not catch fire


    Battery Type Lead Acid / Dry Cell / Gel Battery (Maintenance Free)
    Battery Current(In Ah) 28
    Expected Life of Battery 2.5
    Battery Voltage(In Volts) 12
    Battery Warranty 6 Months piece to piece replacement + 6 months battery bulge or crack replacement
    Battery Power in WH 336
    Supported Electric Scooters/Bikes Benling Falcon, Benling Kriti, Hero electric electric scooters like Optima Plus, Zion, Cruz, maxi, Flash, Hero electric Nyx, Avon Electric scooters scoot 207, E Mate, Oreva electric scooters, Tunwal electric scooters, Battre electric scooters and all other 48V and 60V ebikes
    Important Notes First 6 Months Replacement if Any issue + Next 6 months Battery Bulge Warranty
    Weight (in Kg) 7

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Amptek 12V 28Ah Lead Acid/VRLA Ebike SMF battery (1 pc)

    1. Where can I find this electric scooter lead acid battery in Kanpur ?

      You can purchase this electric scooter Amptek 12V 28Ah battery set from Harbacore electric scooter showroom in Kanpur. Find the directions to this Electric scooter showroom

    2. What is the price of Amptek 12 volt 28 Ah battery for electric scooter/e bikes?

      The lead acid or VRLA battery set price varies from company to company. In general a battery 12 V 28Ah batteries start from Rs 3500 to Rs 4000

    3. Where can I sell my old e-scooter lead acid battery?

      You can sell your electric scooter battery at Harbacore electric scooter showroom

    4. Which electric scooter lead acid battery manufacturer is best for my e-scooter?

      Amptek lead acid or VRLA battery 12V 28 Ah , Ipower VRLA battery of 12 V 28 Ah, and AStar sealed lead acid battery 12V 28Ah are the best brands in India for your electric scooter. You can purchase Amptek, Ipower and AStar Lead Acid Batteries from Harbacore electric scooter showroom.

    5. What is the VRLA or lead acid battery replacement cost of electric scooters in India?

      If your electric scooter is using lead acid batteries or VRLA battery for your electric scooter and you planning to replace them with new batteries, then the cost of a new VRLA or lead acid battery is between Rs 14000 to Rs 25000 depending on the operating voltage of the electric scooter which is either 48V, 60V or 72V. However, if you are planning to replace with Lithium Ion Batteries , the price will be slightly higher as electric bikes/scooter Lithium-ion batteries come's with higher warranty and efficiency.

    6. How to replace my electric scooter lead acid batteries?

      To replace your electric scooter batteries, follow the following steps

      1. Remove the plastic Seat cover from your electric scooter
      2. Turn off the MCB of your electric scooter
      3. Remove the connections between the battery, make sure you do not short them
      4. Take out the batteries from the electric scooter. You can sell your lead acid electric scooter battery to Harbacore in Kanpur
      5. Place the new batteries in the order such that positive and negative terminals are side by side so that you can connect them via wire. Batteries are connected serially.
      6. Final two positive and negative terminals of the wire coming out from battery are connected to the MCB
      7. Switch back on the MCB, your electric scooter should receive the power. The display should be visible.
      8. Put back the electric scooter seat cover
      You can also get your electric scooter batteries replaced at Harbacore electric scooter showroom

    7. Which electric scooter battery is best for my battery scooter?

      Lithium-ion electric scooter batteries have better battery life than Lead acid batteries. The reasoning behind this is lead acid batteries require a higher amount of maintenance than lithium batteries. If a lead acid battery or VRLA gel battery is not charged every day or every two to three days its battery life decreases and can lead to early failures. However, the lithium-ion battery has higher resilience and can be left uncharged for around a week, although not a good practice.

    8. How to increase the battery life of an electric scooter?

      To increase the electric scooter lead acid battery life

      1. Charge your lead acid battery every day or at least within 3 days
      2. Always do full charging of your electric scooter batteries and don't unplug in between.
      3. Dont over charge your electric scooter batteries, they lead to swelling up of your electric scooter battery.
      4. Regularly use your electric scooter, so that the battery drains and is charged back again. This maintains the complete cycle of the battery and hence improves the battery life.
      5. Get your battery rotation done at any electric scooter showroom to increase battery life

    9. Where can I get my electric scooter battery checked and rotated ?

      Harbacore offers electric scooter battery testing using a specialized electric scooter battery testing machine. Based on the result of this battery testing, customers can either purchase, replace, or continue using an electric scooter battery.

    10. What is the size of amptek battery?

      12V 28Ah Amptek SMF Battery dimensions are L*W*H (181*77*170)mm.