Amptek 48V 28Ah battery set (Set of 4pcs of 12V 28Ah)

₹ 14400.0  

Product Highlights
  • Long battery life
  • Excellent Performance - Customer Feedback
  • Good Resale value
  • Works with All electric scooters
  • Product Description

    Buy Amptek 48V 28Ah Electric bike battery set (Set of 4 12V 28Ah connected together) at lowest prices in India from Harbacore Kanpur. Best battery for your electric bike. Works well with any 48V, 60V and 72V lead acid or VRLA electric Scooter. This electric scooter battery works well with all electric scooter like Benling Falcon, Benling Kriti, Heri electric scooters ,i.e, Hero electric optima, Hero electric Nyx, Hero electric flash, Ampere electric scooters etc. Harbacore provides shiping of all electric scooter batteries across India. The products will be shipped from Harbacore Electric scooter Warehouse in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh


    Battery Type Lead Acid / Dry Cell / Gel Battery (Maintenance Free)
    Battery Current(In Ah) 28
    Expected Life of Battery 3 years
    Battery Voltage(In Volts) 48
    Battery Warranty 6 Months piece to piece replacement + 6 months battery bulge or crack replacement
    Battery Power in WH 1152
    Supported Electric Scooters/Bikes Benling Falcon, Benling Kriti, Hero electric electric scooters like Optima Plus, Zion, Cruz, maxi, Flash, Hero electric Nyx, Avon Electric scooters scoot 207, E Mate, Oreva electric scooters, Tunwal electric scooters, Battre electric scooters and all other 48V ebikes
    Important Notes Proper charging and discharging along with battery rotation can increase your battery life by 1 year
    Weight (in Kg) 7

    Frequently Asked Questions about Amptek 48V 28Ah battery set (Set of 4pcs of 12V 28Ah)

    1. Where can I find this electric scooter lead acid battery in Kanpur ?

      You can purchase this electric scooter Amptek 48V 28Ah battery set (Set of 4pcs of 12V 28Ah) from Harbacore electric scooter showroom in kanpur. Find the directions to this Electric scooter showroom

    2. What is the price of 48V lead acid battery set ?

      The lead acid or VRLA battery set price varies with company to company. In general the set of 4 12Ah batteries forming 48V start from Rs 14,000 to Rs 16,000

    **This Product is not sold by Harbacore and is only for informational Purposes