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electric scooter DC MCB for all brand e bikes like Hero electric, Benling, Ampere

Electric Scooter Battery DC MCB BCH 40A , DC 12V-74V , Okinawa Hero Ampere Benling

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Works with all Electric scooter and E bikes

₹ 350.0 incl. GST

About MCB

An electric scooter MCB is an important spare for your electric scooter and e bikes. It is required for safety of e scooter Battery, e scooter Controller and electric scooter Motor from electrical short circuits and over current drawn from e bike Batteries. Electric scooters require DC MCB and not AC MCB. All these DC MCB are single pole MCB's. These MCB's can handle heavy currents for common electric scooter model of companies like Hero electric, Okinawa, Benling. E bike DC MCB's are used in all electric scooter and is generally mounted under the seat of the e bikes. Replace your MCB at home by yourself or at electric scooter service centers in your city.

  1. Purchase Electric DC MCB's of good companies only like BCH DC MCB or Schneider DC MCB
  2. Check the Battery Ampere of your electric scooter and the DC MCB you are buying. Battery Ampere should be less or at max 5 greater than the MCB Ampere rating

Frequently Asked Questions about MCB

  1. Where Can I buy electric scooter MCB and e bike DC MCB?

    You can buy DC MCB for e bikes and electric scooters at best prices in India from Harbacore electric scooter MCB and spares dealer in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India.
    You can also contact on WHATSAPP at +91-9140155020 to buy MCB for e bikes at lowest prices (Note: Only online payment/bank transfers allowed, No Cash on Delivery).

  2. Which MCB is best for e bike?

    BCH DC MCB single Pole 40A is best for electric scooters.

  3. How much does it cost to replace an e bike / electric scooter MCB?

    E bike / electric scooter MCB starts from price Rs 200 and goes uptil Rs 1000. For a good quality product like BCH the price starts from Rs 350

  4. Can we use AC MCB for electric scooter like of Havells ?

    No, you cannot use AC MCB with electric scooters. Electric scooter require DC MC only.

  5. Are DC MCB Costly than AC MCB ?

    Yes, DC MCB Are costlier than AC MCB

  6. Do we need a single pole or three pole MCB for electric scooter ?

    We need single pole DC MCB for electric scooters and e bikes.

  7. Can we replace electric scooter MCB ?

    Yes, You can replace your electric scooter MCB. Visit Harbacore electric scooter service center in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh to get your MCB Replaced.

  8. Purchase Electric scooter MCB in bulk at wholesale price ?

    You can buy electric scooter MCB in bulk at best wholesale price from Harbacore electric scooter spares wholesaler in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. Place order on WHATSAPP at +91-9140155020. (Only online payment/bank transfers allowed, No Cash on Delivery).

  9. Who are top dealers of electric scooters DC MCB in India ?

    Harbacore , RMPPL Pvt Ltd are top of dealers of electric scooter and e bike DC MCB in India

  10. What all brands this electric scooter MCB works with ?

    Electric scooter MCB works with Hero Electric scooters, Benling electric scooters, Okinawa Electric scooters, Pure EV Electric scooters, Komaki electric scooters, Jitendra EV electric scooters.