Universal 48V Electric Scooter Throttle/Accelerator

Brand: Harbacore

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Product Highlights
  • Easy to Install
  • Comes with Reverse switch
  • 3 speed modes
  • Product Description

    Harbacore Electric scooter Throttle / Accelerator is a universal product which works with all brand of electric scooters like Hero electric, Okinawa, Pure ev, Oreva, Ampere, Komaki, Benling, Okaya etc. This e bike throttle supports all e bike supported voltages which are 48V, 60V and 72V. Since it is made of ABS plastic it is highly durable and water proof. This e bike accelerator can be easily installed in your scooty with the help of Allen Keyset. Harbacore e bike throttle price ranges from Rs 400 to Rs 800. It comes with 3 wires which gets connected to the connector coming to the throttle side of e scooter. Electric scooter throttle cannot be generally repaired. It is better to replace the throttle with a new one since it is generally cheap and is more time saving. However for electric bike throttle repair you can connect with Harbacore and we can assist you over call to guide you to fix it. This throttle for electric bike is of Harbacore brand. E bike throttle comes with both forward and backward switch. It can be easily installed. You can buy e bike throttle at best price from Harbacore electric scooter showroom in kanpur. You can also buy other electric scooter and e bike spares from Harbacore in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India.

    Detailed Highlights
    • Works with All electric scooters brands - Hero electric, Okinawa, Benling, Komaki, Okaya, Oreva, Joy electric, Ampere
    • Has three speed mode


    Material ABS Plastic
    Supported Electric Scooters/Bikes Hero electric Zion, Hero electric Cruz, Hero electric Photon, Hero electric Flash, Hero electric Optima Dx , Hero electric Nyx, Hero electric Maxi Avon Escooter, Avon E mate, Avon E star, Oreva E bike, Okinawa Ridge, Okinawa Praise, Okinawa I praise, Okinawa R30, Okinawa Ridge Plus, Okinawa Lite, Okinawa Ridge 100, Okinawa Dual 100, Okinawa OKHI-90, Komaki Electric Scooters
    Important Notes Easy Installation, Highly Durable

    Frequently Asked Questions about Universal 48V Electric Scooter Throttle/Accelerator

    1. My Electric scooter throttle is struck, what to do ?
      Electric scooter throttle sticking problem is because of faulty spring within it. In this case you can try reinstalling the e bike throttle with an Allen key or replacing it with a new. The e bike throttle replacement cost is near about Rs 400.
    2. How does electric bike throttle work ?
      Electric bike throttle works on the amount of voltage that it allows to flow to the electric scooter controlling the speed of the electric scooter.
    3. What is electric Scooter throttle price ?
      Electric scooter throttle price starts from Rs 375. The price ranges between Rs 375 to Rs 800 depending on quality and throttle specification type.
    4. Why my electric scooter throttle is not working ? What are common electric scooter throttle problems
      Electric scooter throttle might not work because of electric scooter throttle sensor problems. There might be other issues like throttle sticking problem or might have a weared out spring.
    5. How to repair Electric scooter throttle ?
      If it is a throttle sticking issue, you can repair it by oiling the throttle. You can take out the throttle out of the electric scooter using Allen key or Hex key. After taking out the throttle make sure you remove the throttle sensor to prevent if from breaking. After that clean the throttle and remove any dust from it. Oil it a bit to rpevent throttle sticking problem.
    6. How to replace an electric scooter throttle ?

      You can get your electric scooter throttle replaced at Harbacore electric scooter Spares wholesaler . You can visit Harbacore e bike service center to get your throttle replaced at free of cost.

    7. Where can I buy electric scooter throttle ?

      Yes. This throttle is available for purchase at Harbacore You can also contact on whatsapp at +91-9140155020 to buy new e bike throttle at lowest prices (Only online payment/bank transfers allowed, No Cash on Delivery).

    8. Where can I buy Electric scooter throttle sensor ?

      Buy electric scooter throttle sensor from Harbacore

    9. What is electric scooter throttle wiring diagram ?
    10. Who are top dealers of electric scooter / e bike spares in India ?

      Harbacore is top supplier of electric scooter spares across Kanpur and India. We deal in all electric scooter spares of all companies like Hero Electric spare parts, Benling Spare parts, Okinawa electric scooter spare parts.
      You can also contact on on whatsapp at +91-9140155020 to buy electric scooter spares at lowest prices (Only online payment/bank transfers allowed, No Cash on Delivery).

    11. Is Harbacore a good brand for electric scooter spares like electric bike throttle ?
      Harbacore is an excellent most trusted brand for electric scooter spares.
    12. What is electric scooter throttle replacement price ?

      Electric scooter/ Electric bike throttle replacement cost is between Rs 400 to Rs 800.

    13. Are electric scooter throttle and electric scooter accelerator same product ?

      Yes electric scooter accelerator and electric scooter throttle are same thing. Throttle is also called accelerator.

    14. I am an electric scooter dealer. How can I purchase electric bike spares in bulk ?

      Electric scooter dealer can purchase electric scooter throttle and other spares from Harbacore e bike spares at wholesale prices.
      You can also contact on on whatsapp at +91-9140155020 to place your electric scooter spares order in bulk at lowest prices (Only online payment/bank transfers allowed, No Cash on Delivery).

    15. Top electric scooter brands for which this electric scooter throttle works ?

      This throttle works as hero optima accelerator, hero electric scooter throttle, okinawa throttle, okinawa praise throttle, pure electric scooter throttle, benling falcon throttle, benling aura throttle