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About Us

HarbaCore , a group of young dedicated entrepreneur’s commencing experience in B2B and B2C sales and research for over a half a decade, believing in technology and exploring different ideologies that will overcome traditional ways and to make every retail outlet as a "complete store " while getting access to 1000+ products with transparent pricing and best value offers on products to boost up there sales and compete easily.

Harba-Core , itself claims to be a "Port" (Harbor) and "Center"(Core), a port where almost all products will be available at your door-steps, being just a click away. Covering various sectors and understanding, building our team and while being we, served our products to help us to understand technology and various markets with different needs. Developing this knowledge and finding the efficient products to the market in terms of price, quality and service that helped us to serve better.

We as a team, have worked on 500+ projects delivering our knowledge as Electrical and Lighting Solutions , Interior Designing and Solar and Energy Storage Solutions making true and valuable relations with each of our clients as by every project, serving best of ours. Expanding our reach to Lithium-ion battery for Electric Vehicle(BOV) i.e electric bikes and electric scooter to energy storage solutions(ESS) in INDIA and abroad,focusing on R&D at various points developing a product that is affordable and easy to use to an ordinary person.

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Our Values

MISSION: We have always worked to bring best of products to our customers from across the globe

At HarbaCore, we being dedicated to design, develop and manufacture the product for the best of needs. Working with a vision to make every retail shop as a "Complete Store " providing transparent prices and services, redefining distribution structure in channel sales "to all from all". While introducing new technologies in energy storage(lithium battery) and Battery Operated Vehicles (BOV) so as to contribute in the initiative "Go Green -Save Earth".


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Lighting Consultancy and Supplies

Electrical Supplies

Wires , Switches , Fans , Switchgears

Consumer Goods

Refrigerator, R.O, Stabilizer

Interior Consultancy

We build house to home

Solar Consultancy

To energize efficiently

Imported Goods

The best we bring to you

Upcoming Products

Lithium Ion Battery

Future of Energy Storage

Solar Energy

For Better Environment

Battery Operated Vehical (BOV)

E-Bikes and E-Cars

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