Battery Operated Electric Scooter Repair & Service in kanpur

Kanpur is very popular industrial city of Uttar Pradesh, India. The city is perfect for short range battery operated bikes. The maximum distance to travel from one point of city Naramau IIT kanpur to Lal Bangla is 22.4 km, while maximum distance from Panki, Kanpur to other end of kanpur , i.e, Jajmau is 17.4 km. Since the distances are short electric scooters are perfect mode of intracity transport for people of Kanpur. Kanpur currently 12 of these popular brands of electric scooter showrooms Benling, Hero electric, Pure EV, OLA, Ampere, Komaki, Joy E bike, Jitendra EV, Okinawa, Oreva, Yakuza, Battre. To get your battery operated electric scooter service and repaired you can visit Harbacore Electric scooter showroom located in Bhannana Purwa Kanpur.

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Address: 105/693 N Shop 2 Bhannana Purwa, near Sangeet Takiz, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208001, India


Battery operated Electric scooter services provided by Harbacore

Harbacore provides the following list of electric scooter services in Kanpur for these e bike brands Benling, Hero electric, Pure EV, OLA, Ampere, Komaki, Joy E bike, Jitendra EV, Okinawa, Oreva, Yakuza, Battre

  1. General Electric scooter services

    Harbacore is trusted battery operated electric Scooter Repair service in Kanpur. We understand the importance of keeping your electric scooter in top-notch condition for a smooth and safe ride. Our team of skilled technicians is dedicated to providing comprehensive electric scooter repair services in Kanpur, India. General cost of electric scooter repair start from Rs 350 + tax and varies upon the kind and cost of repair.

    Regular Electric scooter service

    This includes the checkup of the e scooter health, basic repairs like fixing the dent and broken fiber of the electric scooter body and regular wear tear. We also provide the basic washing of the electric scooter and basic health checkup of the electric scooter battery through battery testing machine.

    Brake Shoe cleaning for electric scooters

    Brake shoe play an important role in the braking system of an electric scooter. During the regular use of electric scooter brake shoe goes under severe wear and tear and a lot of times a lot of threads & dirt collects up inside the brake shoe, reducing the performance of the brake shoe and can also lead to the failure of the braking system. Hence under this brake shoe cleaning service, we remove all the dirt inside it and also rub it with sandpaper to improve the poor braking performance of the brakes. This will also remove the disc brake grind and disc brake squeal problems. This is highly recommended service step for an electric scooter

    Disc Brake Oil Refill and Repair

    Over the regular use of the disc brake in electric scooter, the disc brake oil generally finishes up. Hence it is required to refill the disc brake oil and remove any air gap in the disc brake. Presence of air in brake line is because of the leakage in the disc brake assembly. The leakage must be repaired on time. Harbacore service station helps you fix any disc brake issue

    Electric scooter throttle/accelerator repair
    Electric scooter body repair
    Electric scooter lights, switch, indicator & horn repair
    Electric scooter brake cable repair
    Electric scooter shock absorber repair
    Electric scooter handle pipe stem (कैची) repair
    Electric scooter speedometer repair
    Electric scooter chassis repair
    Electric scooter sidestand repair
    Electric scooter seat lock repair
    Electric scooter wire harness change & repair
    Electric scooter charging socket repair
    Electric scooter brake sensor & brake lever repair
    Electric scooter handle lockset repair
    Electric scooter MCB change and repair
  2. Electric scooter Motor Repair

    1. Complete Motor Repair
    2. E bike Motor Sensor repair and Change
    3. Electric scooter motor cable repair and change
  3. Electric scooter Controller Repair

    1. 48V electric scooter controller repair
    2. 60V electric scooter controller repair
    3. 72V electric scooter controller repair
  4. Electric scooter battery repair

    1. Lead Acid battery testing by Machine
    2. Lead Acid battery rotation
    3. Lithium Battery Testing for average check
  5. Electric scooter Charger repair

    1. Lead Acid battery charger repair
    2. Lithium Battery charger repair
  6. Electric scooter Type repair

    1. Bearing Change & repair
    2. Alignment fix
  7. Convert Lead Acid Battery Electric scooter to Lithium battery

Electric scooter battery related services provided by Harbacore

  • Convert lead acid battery electric scooter to lithium battery electric scooter
  • Lead acid battery rotation & testing with battery testing machine
  • Boost deep discharged lead acid battery for electric scooter and e bikes

Battery operated electric scooter modification services provided by Harbacore

  • KTM Indicators
  • Additional Headlights

Battery operated Electric scooter accessories Installation services by Harbacore

  • Steel guard installation
  • Side stand installation
  • Custom Seat covers
  • Side mirrors installation
  • Paint protection film (PPF)
  • Anti Rust sprays

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About Electric Vehicles

Harbacore is the dealer of Harbacore e bikes and Benling India Electric scooters. We also deal in battery operated electric scooter e bikes repairs and services. Harbacore is an authorized service center which provides repairs and services to all brand electric scooters like Benling, Hero electric, Pure EV, OLA, Ampere, Komaki, Joy E bike, Jitendra EV, Okinawa, Oreva, Yakuza, Battre along with their spare parts.

Frequently Asked Questions about Battery Operated Electric Scooter Repair & Service in kanpur

  1. How regular should I get my electric scooter serviced ?

    Since Kanpur roads are not very smooth and have a lot of bumps, the wear and tear of electric scooters is higher than other cities. Hence it is recommended to get electric scooter serviced every 3 months..

  2. Do Electric scooter require service at all ?

    Yes, Electric scooters have mechanical components that suffer from wear and tear which require regular maintenance. However the maintenance of electric scooters is very low as compared to petrol scooters and bikes.

  3. Can anyone repair the electric scooters ?

    Skilled mechanics with knowledge of electronics are best to repair electric scooters. Harbacore electric scooter service center is operated by an electronics engineer under whom all electric scooters are serviced.

  4. What is general cost of repair of electric scooters ?
    Rs 350 to Rs 400 + GST

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