Benling Believe

Brand: Benling India
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Product Highlights
  • Rs 48,000 off (Central Govt. Subsidy)
  • Mileage: 120 km- 140 km per charge
  • 4 hours Charging time
  • Zero maintenance
  • Product Description

    Benling Believe Electric scooter is one of the best-selling High-Speed Electric scooters in India newly launched in August 2022. BENLG believe electric scooter price in Kanpur begins from Rs 1,18,000 after deducting FAME 2 subsidy of Rs 48000. This battery scooty is powered by a specially designed 3000W high torque BLDC hub motor that gives you high pickup while you enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride. Benling Believe electric scooter is a subsidized electric scooter with FAME 2 subsidy amount of Rs 48,000. This electric bike comes with a powerful lithium battery of size 72V 43Ah which is the maximum in the industry. The battery life and battery warranty of the Believe electric scooter is 3 years. Its battery costs around Rs 40,000 to Rs 50,000. This electric scooter has claimed mileage of 140km**, while customer feedback is around 100-110 km per charge. Benling Believe electric scooter easily competes with Benling Aura, Benling Falcon Ola S1 and Ola S1 pro, Okinawa iprase, Pure EV Epluto 7G, Ather 450X, Hero Optima dual battery, Komaki. Benling Believe electric scooter is available at Harbacore electric scooter showroom in kanpur. This electric scooty price is lowest at Benling Harbacore electric scooter showroom in Kanpur. All spares parts of electric scooter are available at Harbacore electric scooter showroom.

    Detailed Highlights
    • Colors: Blue, Black, White & Yellow
    • Smart Features like Anti-theft, Remote lock & Unblock


    Battery Type Lithium iron Phosphate (LFP)
    ARAI/ICAT Approved(Govt. Approvals) Yes
    Battery Charging Time(In hrs) 4
    Battery Current(In Ah) 43
    RTO Required Yes
    Rated Power(in Wattage) 3000
    Battery Voltage(In Volts) 72
    Motor Peak Power(In Wattage) 3000
    Fuel Type Electric
    Top Speed (In km/hr) 70
    Battery Warranty(In years) 3
    Range per Charge (in Km) 140
    Rear Light Type LED
    Ground Clearance(in mm) 160
    Loading Capacity(In kg) 248
    Front Suspension Type Telescopic
    Front Brake type Disc
    Rear Suspension Type Telescopic
    Speedometer display Digital
    Kerb Weight(In Kg) 90
    Wheels Type Alloy
    No of driving Modes 4
    Front Lighting Type LED
    Controller Type Sinewave
    Charger Output Current(In Amperes) 10
    Rear Brake type Disc

    Frequently Asked Questions about Benling Believe

    1. Which ev bike is best in india?
      Benling Electric scooters have positioned themselves as one of the highest selling two wheeler e bikes in India. Benling Believe is the newly launched electric scooter by Benling after successful run of Benling Aura battery bike. This electric scooter is available at Harbacore - An exclusive electric scooter showroom in Kanpur.
    2. Which scooty is best for 5 feet girl?
      In electric scooters since Benling Believe and Benling Falcon electric scooter come with 160mm ground clearance. These two electric scooter are best scooters for 5 feet girl and small height human being.
    3. What is the price of this battery scooty?
      The price of Benling Believe scooter after deducting Fame 2 subsidy comes between Rs 1,18,000 to Rs 1,25,000 depending on the accessories choice by customer. This is the electric scooter best price as we have currently Rs 48,000 Central GOVT subsidy available. This battery bike price is lowest at Harbacore battery bike showroom in Kanpur.
    4. Which electric scooter is best for daily use?
      Based on record breaking sales by Harbacore electric scooter showroom, data reveals that 90% of people prefer Benling Falcon since its a low speed vehicle and remaining 10% choose Benling Aura and Benling Believe high speed Electric scooter for their daily use and for city running. The daily usage of electric scooter includes school going students and staff, local businesses, sale professionals and delivery boys.
    5. Which was the best electric scooter in 2020, 2021 and 2022?
      Benling Falcon and Benling Aura electric scooters have been the best electric scooters sold in India and Kanpur. This is based on the data by exclusive electric scooter showrooms like Harbacore and others. Benling Believe electric scooter seems to join the winning list.
    6. What is the true range of Benling Believe Electric scooter ?
      True Range of BELNG Believe two wheeler battery bike is between 100 km to 120 km per charge. However company claim is of 140 km per charge in ECO mode. The range or mileage of battery bikes depend a lot on road conditions, tyre pressure and riders driving conditions.
    7. Which brand electric scooter is best?
      Benling Brand is one of the most trust worthy brand in India. More than the brand a customer should buy electric scooter from trust worthy electric scooter dealers like this electric scooter showroom who provide excellent electric scooter services in Kanpur, Unnao and Lucknow and nearby cities.
    8. What is the maximum speed of Benling Believe ?
      Benling Believe electric scooter maximum speed is 65 km/hr to 70 km/hr depending on the load capacity.
    9. What is benling believe performance ?
      Benling Believe is one of the highest selling electric scooter in India and is rated as one of the best ev bike. It is highly performant and is one of the new models of Benling.
    10. What is the price of Benling Believe battery scooty?
      Benling Believe battery scooty starts from Rs 1,18,000. The cost of electric scooty may vary based on the state government subsidies and registration costs.
    11. Is electric scooter successful in India?
      Yes, Electric scooters are very successful in India. Benling Believe is one of the most successful electric scooter in India.
    12. Which electric scooter is best for daily use?
      Benling Believe comes with range of 100 km per charge which is good for daily use for school students, business owners and regular day to day use.
    13. Which brand electric scooter is best?
      Harbacore electric scooters are best electric scooter in India.
    14. How much does Benling Believe electric scooter cost in India?
      Benling Believe electric scooter cost starts from Rs 1,18,000. Cost varies on various subsidies in India by state and central government.
    15. Does Benling Believe electric scooter require license?
      Yes, this electric scooter requires license to drive.
    16. Is Benling Believe a good electric scooter ?
      Benling Believe is highest sold electric scooter at Harbacore electric scooter showroom
    17. Is it worth it to buy electric scooter?
      Yes, Definitely it is worth buying Benling Believe electric scooter.
    18. Are Benling Electric scooters good?
      Yes, Benling electric scooters have very less maintenance cost with good build quality.
    19. How do you charge a benling Believe?
      Benling Believe comes with 72V 10A charger with a charging socket. You can also charge the battery by taking it out of the vehicle.
    20. Is Benling electric scooter successful ?
      Yes, Benling electric scooters are successful.
    21. Which company electric bike is best in India?
      Benling is one of the top electric bike company in India
    22. What is the battery life of Benling Believe ?
      Benling Believe comes with battery warranty of 3 years and expected total life of 5 years.
    23. Can an ebike battery last 10 years?
      With strong build and good battery life, an e bike can definitely last more that 10 years.
    24. Who sells Benling Believe ?

      Harbacore electric scooter showroom in Kanpur sells Benling Believe across the kanpur city and uttar pradesh state.

    25. What is the weight of Benling Believe?
      Kerb Weight of Benling Believe is close to 90kg.
    26. What is the price of Benling electric motor?

      Benling electric Motor costs somewhere between Rs 7,000 to Rs 10,000. Buy Benling motor from Harbacore electric scooter showroom

    27. Which is the cheapest high range electric scooter?

      Benling Believe is fairly low cost high range great quality electric scooter.

    28. Where can I buy Benling Believe electric scooter ?

      Buy Benling Believe electric scooter from Harbacore electric scooter showroom in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

    29. Where can I buy Benling Believe electric scooter spare parts ?

      You can buy Benling Believe spare parts like throttle, motor, controller from Harbacore electric scooter showroom in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh