Lithium-ion 60V 6A Battery Charger

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Product Highlights
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Compatible with all 60V Lithium-ion Electric Scooters
  • Auto Cut off
  • Product Description

    Charge the 60V Lithium-ion Electric Scooter Battery with this 3A battery charger. This e bike scooty charger is compatible with a 60V electric Scooter bike brands like Benling, Hero electric scooters, Okinawa electric scooter, Komaki electric scooter in India. Bike charging time using this charger depends on the AH of the battery. For example for a electric scooter bike battery of 60V 24Ah will take 4 hrs to completely charge the batteries.
    Not all chargers are made equal. It's important to note that a Lead Acid VRLA charger cannot be used to charge a similar specification Lithium battery. Lead Acid Charger and Lithium Charger are different. As experts in electric scooter accessories, we understand the importance of a reliable battery charger. Our 60V Electric Scooter Charger is crafted with precision and expertise, ensuring durability and top-notch performance. Trust us to provide the ideal charging solution for your electric scooter or e-bike. The electric scooter charger is available at Harbacore Electric Scooter showroom in Kanpur. Please Contact us to Purchase the charger at wholesale prices.

    Detailed Highlights


    Charger Voltage(In Volts) 60
    Charger Current (In Amperes) 6
    Charger Warranty (In Years) 1
    Important Notes Any water damage is not covered in warranty
    Charger Type Lithium-ion Battery
    Supported Electric Scooters/Bikes Benling, Hero electric, Komaki, TNR, Okinawa, Joy electric